1      NAME

The Club shall be called “The Llanfairfechan Golf Club” (hereinafter called “The   Club”)



The club is formed to provide for the members a Golf Course, greens and clubhouse  and to promote further the interests of golf.

2.1    The aims and objectives of the Club should be consistent with the furthering of equal opportunities for all groups in that sport.

2.2    The Club shall be affiliated to the Welsh Golfing Union.


3       OFFICERS

The Officers of the Club shall be a President, a Captain, a Vice-Captain, an Honorary  Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer. With the exception of the President they shall be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. They shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting, and shall be eligible for re-election. The President shall be elected by the Management Committee at the meeting preceding the Annual General Meeting.

3.1    Any casual vacancy occurring may be filled by the Management Committee



The general management of the Club shall be vested in a Management Committee consisting of the President, Captain, Vice-Captain, Immediate Past Captain, Honorary Secretary(ies), Honorary Treasurer(s), Lady Captain, Lady Vice-Captain, four Trustees and eight other members elected at the A.G.M. of the Club. They shall be eligible for re-election. Five members of the Management Committee shall be a quorum.

4.1  The Management Committee shall act for the members. Liabilities incurred shall fall upon the membership.(provided that they act in accordance with the constitution, in honesty and good faith).

4.2   Meetings of the Management Committee shall be convened by the Honorary Secretary, and the Management Committee shall meet monthly.

4.3   Every question at a meeting of the Management Committee shall be determined by a majority vote of the members present and voting; every member shall have one vote. In the case of equal votes, the Chair of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

4.4   The interpretation of the Club Constitution shall be vested in the Management Committee, who shall decide all questions relating to the Club, save those specified in or involving an amendment to the Constitution.

4.5   The Management Committee shall be responsible for considering any application for membership and shall decide if this application shall be accepted. This decision shall be in accordance with a non-discriminatory policy specified in paragraph 9.1

4.6   Nominations (with the exception of the President) for officers and members of the Management Committee shall be sent in writing to the Honorary Secretary not less than fourteen days before the A.G.M. The names of all persons nominated, with the name of the proposer, shall be posted in the Clubhouse not less than seven days before the A.G.M. Nomination papers shall be invalid unless the consent of the nominee to serve has been obtained.

4.7   The Management Committee shall be concerned with and responsible for (inter alia) the purchase of intoxicating liquor for the Club, and the supply of intoxicating liquor to the Club and to members of the Club, in the manner prescribed by law, but may delegate all or part of its powers in that behalf to a sub-committee (called “The House Committee”) which shall be appointed by the Management Committee from amongst its own members and which shall be answerable to the Management Committee for its actions.

5       FINANCE

The Club will be non-profit making. Any surplus income or gains will be applied to further the objectives of the Club and no other purpose.

5.1    The Honorary Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Club.

5.2  The annual statement of accounts shall be presented to the members for approval at  the AGM.

5.3    The financial year of the Club ends on 31st December.

5.4    Proper accounts shall be kept of all sums of money received and paid by the Club.

5.5    The funds of the Club shall be lodged at a bank or building society in the name of the Club, and all cheques, drafts etc. drawn on these accounts shall be signed by two of three officers designated for this role by the Management Committee.    



The Annual General Meeting of the Club (A.G.M.) shall be held within three months of the last day of the financial year which shall be 31st December when the annual report of the Management Committee and statement of accounts up to the end of the financial year shall be presented.

6.1    Notice of any motion shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary not less than twenty one days before the date of the meeting. 

6.2    Not less than seven days of notice of the date of the A.G.M. shall be given to the members by the Honorary Secretary.

6.3    The dates of general meetings and of Management Committee meetings shall be determined at the previous meeting. In addition, the Chair may call a meeting when he/she considers it necessary or desirable or on the written request of at least four members of the Management Committee.

6.4    All members are entitled to vote at general meetings of the club and have equal voting rights.  

6.5    The quorum for the A.G.M. shall be 25% of the membership who are eligible to vote.



An Extraordinary General Meeting (E.G.M) shall be called by an application in writing to the Honorary Secretary signed by not less than four members of the Management Committee or ten members of the Club.

7.1    At least seven days notice of any such E.G.M. specifying the business to be transacted and the day, place and hour of the meeting shall be sent to every member by letter to their address in the Club register. The meeting shall be confined to the  business so notified.     



Each member is entitled to one vote.

8.1     A motion should be carried by a simple majority of those present and voting, except when the motion is a Constitution Amendment which shall require a two-thirds majority. (see 27.4)

8.2     The Chair shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberate vote.



Membership of the Club shall be open, and not unreasonably restricted on the grounds of sex, race or of political, religious or other opinions, to any person in the area who is prepared to accept and support the objectives of the Club.

9.1   The Honorary Secretary shall send new members a copy of the Club Constitution.

 9.2      Due to the size of the course, the number of playing members shall not exceed 250 and Country Members 50.



The annual subscription, payable on election, and thereafter on the first day of January each year, shall be set by the Management Committee.

10.1     Members admitted on or after 1st July in each year shall be liable for only 50% of the subscription for that year.

10.2     The Management Committee may decide upon other charges or subscriptions at its discretion.


11        LIFE MEMBERS

On the recommendation of the Management Committee an ordinary member may be elected a Life Member at any A.G.M. of the Club, and thereafter be entitled to all the privileges of membership without payment of an annual subscription or any special payment for such Life Membership. A two-thirds majority of those present and voting shall be necessary for such an election. There shall not be more than two Life members of the Club at any one time.


12        JUNIORS

Members under the age of eighteen and over the age of seven shall be considered Junior members.

12.1     Junior members will not be eligible to vote.



Visitors may be admitted as temporary members of the Club on the payment of the current green fees, with all the privileges of regular members except the introduction of friends, the right to vote or to play in competitions.

13.1     The Management Committee, acting through the Honorary Secretary or other Club official, may refuse any application for a ticket. No charges shall be made in respect of Honorary Secretaries or Captains of other recognised clubs.

13.2     Temporary members, before commencing play, shall obtain from the Honorary Secretary or Steward a ticket bearing the date of issue and period for which it is in force. Such tickets shall be produced on demand to any officer or official of the Club.

13.3     Nothing in this Constitution shall prevent any person, being a bona fide member of another golf club, and not eligible for immediate membership of the Club by reason of any provision of rule 9, from purchasing (for consumption on the premises only) and consuming intoxicating liquor, on the premises of the Club, subject to the same Constitution and during the same hours as an ordinary member of the Club (as provided by Section 28 of the Licensing Act 1961) provided that either

  1. He/ she is a temporary member of the Club (as specified above) or
  2. He/she is a member of a visiting team taking part in a match at the club.



Members of recognised golf clubs outside Llanfairfechan may be permitted to join as Country Members subject to the maximum prescribed in rule 9. Country Members shall not be permitted to vote but shall enjoy all other privileges of membership apart from playing in competitions, except at the discretion of the Greens and Handicap Committee.



Upon payment of a reduced subscription members can be admitted in a non-playing capacity. Non-playing members shall have all the rights and privileges of playing  members except that of playing golf on the course.



In accepting membership a person agrees to abide by the Constitution of the Club and the rulings of the Club Management Committee. 



A member may at any time, by giving notice to the Honorary Secretary, resign his/her membership of the club, but shall continue to be liable for any annual subscription due and unpaid at the time of resignation.



The Management Committee shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member and shall have the authority to terminate membership of any member guilty of any conduct deemed to be to the detriment of the Club.

18.1     There shall be the right of appeal to the Management Committee or an appeal committee set up by it to act on its behalf, against any decision made by an officer of the Club.

18.2     The appeal should normally be considered within fourteen days of being received by the Honorary Secretary.



Responsibility for all property owned or leased by the Club and for the employment of paid staff and volunteers rests with the Management Committee.



A member may introduce no more than two friends into the Club six times during the year. The friends must sign the visitors book, and have it countersigned by the member. No visitor may sign in more than six times during any period of twelve months. Any member introducing friends shall be responsible for the due observance of the Club rules by the friends and for the outgoings and expenses attendant on the introduction. In addition, the Management Committee may from time to time authorise the admission to the Club of persons other than members and guests.       



The Management Committee are empowered to make, repeal and amend such rules for local play and control of the course as they from time to time consider necessary for the well-being of the Club.  


22        TRUSTEES

The property of the Club shall be vested in four trustees who shall be appointed at an A.G.M. of the Club. The Trustees shall be empowered to borrow such sums of money as the Management Committee may authorise from time to time at such rates of interest as may be agreed by the Trustees with the Club bankers and to mortgage or charge any of the property of the Club. A General Meeting shall have the power to remove any Trustee and all vacancies occurring by removal, resignation or death shall be filled at the same or the next A.G.M. The Trustees shall have the power to invest money and adopt such measures as may appear necessary in the interests of the Club, including the taking the leases of land for such purposes subject to the approval of the Management Committee. The Trustees shall be indemnified by the Club against losses in respect of breaches of any covenant or agreement in such lease or licence.


23        DOGS

No dogs (except guide dogs) shall be allowed in the Clubhouse or on the Links. The Management Committee have discretion to allow exceptions to this rule where they believe this to be in the best interest of the Club.


24         HANDICAPS   

Members shall be handicapped in accordance with the handicapping rules of the Welsh Golfing Union and the Welsh Ladies Golfing Union. The Management Committee have the power to impose such restrictions on the entry to Club competitions as they deem to be necessary.


25        RULES OF GOLF

            The rules of the game of golf as adopted from time to time by the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews, except in so far as they be modified by the local Constitution of the Club, shall be played.



The Club may be wound up on a resolution of the members, passed by a two-thirds majority at a special meeting convened for that purpose upon the request of ten members of the Club. At least fourteen days’ notice of the meeting shall be given to all members.

26.1     After passing the resolution to wind up the Club the members shall appoint a representative committee which shall be empowered:

  1. To discharge all the Club’s debts and liabilities.
  2. To distribute any grants received by the Club according to the donors’ wishes.
  3. To distribute any remaining assets, after payment of creditors, including cash and investments in hand to another C.A.S.C. within the scheme or a registered charity



The Constitution shall be reviewed on an annual basis

27.1     Amendments to the Constitution shall only be agreed at Annual General Meetings or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose.

27.2     Additions to or alterations of the Constitution shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary not less than twenty one days before the date of the A.G.M., or with a request for a special meeting of Club members. No resolution involving an amendment to the Constitution may be proposed from the floor of the meeting.

27.3     In the event of a proposal for amending the Constitution being submitted, the Honorary Secretary shall inform the membership of the proposed motion not less than seven days before the A.G.M.

27.4     Any alteration to the Constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting.

27.5     In the event of any question or matter arising which is not provided for in the Constitution, such questions or matters shall be dealt with by the Management Committee, whose decision shall be final.